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Our Best Answer - How do I obtain IGETC certification?

IGETC Certification

IGETC (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum) is appropriate for students who intend to transfer to the UC or CSU system. Depending on your choice of UC or CSU and your major, other options are available: UC campus specific breadth, CSU lower division general education certification pattern, or CSU campus specific GE pattern. Students pursing majors (engineering, business at UCB, liberal studies) that require extensive lower division preparation or transferring to UCSD (Roosevelt and Revelle) may not find IGETC to be advantageous. Students should ascertain through their ECC counselor if IGETC is an appropriate transfer pattern.

It is the student's responsibility to complete all requirements with a C grade or better and obtain full certification prior to transfer. Certification means the last community college attended prior to transfer to the UC or CSU will verify that the student has completed the IGETC.

By completing the IGETC requirements, students will have satisfied all lower division general education requirements for the UC or CSU campus of choice with some exceptions (see a counselor for details). Certification is highly recommended because without it, students will be held responsible for the transfer institution’s general education pattern.

Students who have completed general education courses at other colleges are advised to see a counselor for information regarding "pass-along" certification. Requests for certification should be made during the student’s final semester at El Camino College at the Records Office.


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