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Our Best Answer - How and when will I receive my financial aid?

Financial Aid Disbursement

Once you completed the FAFSA, and if you are eligible you will receive a Board of Governor’s Fee Waiver (BOGFW), The BOG will automatically post to your account, and your fees with the exception of the Student Health Fee and the Associated Student Body Fee will be waived.  You need not pay for your classes at the time of registration – unless you applied late –in which case you must pay your fees and the Cashier’s Office will send you a refund at a later date.

If you are receiving a Federal Pell Grant, you may opt to receive your payments via a check or a Sallie Mae Debit card. To learn more about this card, please visit our website at

If you are receiving a federal loan, you will receive your award via a check mailed to you. Remember, your enrollment will be verified prior to mailing a loan check to you.

To view the current disbursement schedule, go to the Financial Aid page and click the “Disbursement Schedule” link located in the left-hand navigation menu.


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